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How do you find time for it all?

The truthful answer is, I don’t. I work hard. I take very few breaks. And I work more then play. I am however in constant pursuit of balance, hence the reason I am stepping back from my photography business. Right now I love my work within school, and I like that it has more regular hours suited to my family. My boys will only be little for a little while and they are, and will always be, my highest priority.


Why has your photography business closed?

Whilst I have loved the last five years of running my photography business, the pictures I have taken and especially the incredible people I have met, the time has come to spend more time with my family. As the needs of my boys change I may find myself returning to my photography work, but right now they need me more.


Tell me about your work in school, are you a teacher?

I am a learning support assistant with the particular responsibility of teaching and supporting children to read. I love my job, particularly working with the incredible children I meet. I work within school for several hours each day preparing and teaching reading lessons and helping to organise the school books.


I’m thinking of buying a camera, what do you recommend?

I recommend spending as much as your budget will allow. Good camera’s aren’t cheap, and quality will be reflected in the price. My top tip is to do your research and try before you buy. Technology changes quickly these days so buy the best you can afford and it should last for years to come. I did write a post about this some years ago, you can find it here. And when you get your new camera take a look in the ‘photographing your family’ section, and I’ll help you learn how to use it!


What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D700, and my preferred lens is a 50mm. My camera is no longer made by Nikon, but I love it none the less! I don’t have a fancy camera bag. I use a cute satchel I bought from TKMaxx and added a padded lining and cheap casing for my camera.


Who designs your website?

I use a pro photo template for my website. I highly recommend pro photo, the usability is so friendly. All the work and the tweaking is done by myself.


How do you edit your images?

I’m a Photoshop & Bridge girl. I’m a little behind the times as I haven’t made the jump to Lightroom yet. I adore Florabella actions for those finishing touches. I’ve even started to make a few simple actions myself, nothing fancy, just a few simple time saving edits.


I’m more then happy to answer any of your questions, please use the enquire button and I’ll do my best to get back to you swiftly.

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