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Simply Sunday

I love to watch the evolution of art work as my boys grow.Emily Beale Photography - Living Arrows week 33 It wasn’t long ago that heads were bodies and stick like arms and legs protruded from them.

I loved those pictures. Such a lovely reflection of a child’s interpretation of the world.

But I love that the world is seen differently now.

There are eyes, mouths, arms & fingers, legs & toes! People look like people! And Dinosaurs look like dinosaurs! Just check out those scales!Emily Beale Photography - Living Arrows week 33 3I love watching this creative process as it unfolds, especially as each new detail is added. It’s like magic.  Emily Beale Photography - Living Arrows week 33 2It’s also love to see Nathaniel’s reaction to his art work – ‘will you take a picture of it mum?’ and the smile on his face tells me he’s proud of what he’s done, and even surprised himself.

I’m really glad I was able to capture these pictures this week of that creative process in action.

My Camera Settings

These images were taken in my office in the early evening. It had been a nice day, and the sun had been strong, but by this time of day the sun was shining on the opposite side of the house. I pulled up my ISO a little to make the most of the light available – ISO 400. My aperture was also quite wide at f/2.2, I wanted to capture the detail and not have everything to soft. I didn’t want to miss seeing the pen in hand and the scene that was being created. My shutter speed, due to the available light was quite low 1/40 of a second. I wouldn’t usually work this slow photographing my boy in action, but because I knew he wasn’t moving too much I felt I could get away with it.

As always, I’m grateful to be linking up with – I Heart Snapping’s Living Arrows Project, Rebecca’s The simple Things and Katie at Mummy Daddy Me’s Ordinary Moments.

living arrows  mummy daddy me


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  • Natalie {Little Jam Pot Life - blog} - Lovely post, I love watching my biggest girls imagination come to life through drawings too :)

  • Katie @mummydaddyme - Wow what a gorgeous drawing, how talented is little N? We are still at the drawing uneven circles that possibly could pass as a face if you really look hard enough: 😉 There is something so lovely about collecting their artwork, we have it all over our kitchen but each time they do another one it doesn’t make it any less special. x

  • Emily Beale Photography - Just wait until those little faces get features! It’s magical! Thanks Katie, I love linking up each week with the #OrdinaryMoments

  • Emily Beale Photography - That’s it isn’t it? It’s as though it’s a window into how they see the world, very well put Natalie!

  • Bonnie Sanders - I love how the depth of field turned out. Great artwork too…I love how focused he is!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Bonnie. I love a good use of depth of field

  • Abrianna - Such sweet shots. It is fun to watch them improve their art skills.

  • Michelle - I love to watch little artist unfold, too. My youngest daughter loves to draw.

  • Little Button Diaries - What lovely photos. Very useful to know what settings you use too! x

  • Jess @ Along Came Cherry - Lovely post, his drawings are awesome and I bet it is so lovely to watch him be so creative. I love the way all kids draw arms and legs coming out of heads, Cherry was doing lots of drawing a while ago but has now reverted back to just scribbling again! I don’t want to say anything as I am happy for her to express herself in that way if she wishes but I am looking forward to her drawing real things again! x

  • Katrina - Oh he’s a little Picasso, so lovely to capture these moments & the ‘evolution’ as you so rightly call it :)
    We’re still at the stage where bear likes to scribble EVERYWHERE!!
    Such great pictures as always Emily x

  • Ritz - Such beautiful picture! And you do have an artist there …lovely moment captured in a beautiful way. xx

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