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Living Arrows 2015 – Week 24

Emily Beale Photography | Life & Pictures - Living Arrows Week 24

Last year I was pretty much devastated when Nathaniel lost his first tooth. My baby was growing up!

This year I’m trying to keep it together.


But still failing.

Can’t I just bottle this moment and keep it?

Stick it in a Tupperware box and refrigerate?

What is it with me and baby teeth?

The story behind the image…

Nathaniel’s tooth was wobbly for a while. It felt as though it was never going to fall out. He’d been practicing some pretty impressive wobbly tooth acrobatics with this one too; flipping it in and out, twisting it around. You know, the stuff that makes your tummy tumble, but you still have to smile and say – ‘Wow – impressive!’ and ‘That’s so wobbly, it won’t be long now’. Inside you’re saying ‘Please tooth. Please come out! I don’t think my tummy can take much more of this’.

Nathaniel was worried it would fall out in his sleep. We had the conversation about what would happen if he swallowed it, and where it would go – nice. Luckily it all happened before sports day so that it didn’t interfere with all the running races Nathaniel was desperate to win. The life of a six year old is fraught with danger.

In the end it was no big deal. It just popped straight out. No drama. No fuss. He did sneak it into his pocket the following morning to take to school, and promptly lost it in the car whilst fiddling with it. We’ve tried to look for it, but haven’t found it yet and don’t expect we will now.

So why do I still feel my Mummy heart creating a drama out of this simple child milestone?

It’s become a symbol.

A symbol that I can no longer define myself as a mother of ‘little boys’.

My little boys are growing into little men – one is actually pretty big now and is fasting catching up Dad for height!

How grateful I am for ‘Living Arrows’ to help me document!

A Picture a week for the year is my way of capturing time before it runs away from me.

Emily Beale Photography | Life & Pictures - Living Arrows Week 24 outtake

Now it’s your turn.

Why not visit Shutterflies and link up your pictures of your ‘Living Arrows’ and join our lovely community of bloggers celebrating their children’s lives.

Living Arrows
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  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome - I love this photos of him, he looks quite proud that he has lost that tooth. I feel like every little milestone is another one gone and it’s scary to think how quickly they all go, I’ve got a few years yet for loosing teeth thankfully! #livingarrows

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks for your sweet comment Hayley – scary is right!

  • Clare @ Maybush Studio - I love this picture on many levels and at least one of them is that it really shows off that magic combination of clarity and depth of field you get from a full frame camera and yes… I’m waxing lyrical like a woman who is about to upgrade, because I am…finally! :-)

    Oh and by the way if you are at Britmums this weekend I may well pounce on you to say Hi! :-)

  • Emma Shilton - Aww how proud is he? He looks so happy! My nephew has just lost another tooth so is a similar age and he had great delight in showing me how wobbly his tooth was. Lovely photograph #LivingArrows

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) - Goodness this is such a lovely post. My son will turn 5 this Friday and I am so emotional about it as he is growing up and I dont want to lose my little baby. He doesnt want me to call him baby now too! I just told her even if he is as old as his Dad he will still be my baby. #livingarrows

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Merlinda – how time flies! And yes, they’re always our babies!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Oh so proud Emma, well spotted!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks for such a lovely comment Clare – and yes, I almost forget sometimes what a privilege it is to have such a lovely piece of equipment to use. So grateful.

  • Sian - Ah lovely gappy tooth pic! I understand why it’s emotional for you. That’s quite a story behind it coming out!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Sian, oh so emotional! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Emma T - It seems like my N has only just got all his own teeth, but I’m sure in the next year or so, his first will fall out. Seems to come round so quickly.

    These are lovely photos of a milestone.

  • Hayley at Shutterflies - Oh gosh, B had one that took forever to fall out, it completely grossed me out! I think they look adorable when they’re missing front teeth but there is that pang of “I swear this kid was teething only 5 minutes ago!”. Fab photos as always x

  • Emily Beale Photography - Haha Hayley – that is so true!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Emma, time just flies by doesn’t it. Nathaniel got his teeth in early, so it figures that he would be loosing them now :)

  • Donna - He looks so chuffed with his gappy smile. A lovely moment of childhood captured x

  • Emily Beale Photography - I think we’re a little too proud of ourselves! Haha! Thanks Donna!

  • Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog - I love this Emily. So bittersweet isn’t it!! i could cry all the time and i’m not even at the tooth loss stage yet! xx

  • Emily Beale Photography - Oh Nat, there’s no hope for us!

  • Nikki Thomas - That is such a beautiful photo and I love the story behind the photo. It is hard when they reach new milestones as you want to celebrate and yet there is always a sadness that comes with them.

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Nikki – celebration & sadness – I guess that sums it up perfectly.

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