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Easy Toy Storage

On boxing day Jason and I set to re-organising the boys rooms. Making room for lovely new gifts and storing away old ones.

I’ve always liked to make labels for the boys toy boxes. Firstly it makes the boxes look nice on the shelves and secondly it makes it easier for the boys to tidy things away in the right boxes.

We are lucky to have some good storage shelves in Nathaniel’s room. His toys were the most in need of a good sort out. A few new boxes were needed, and of course, some new labels.

A simple blue stripe, a word label for Nathaniel to read and a small picture to represent what is inside. Thank goodness for photoshop. I don’t just use it for editing pictures you know.

There. Much better. I do love a tidy bedroom.

Nathaniel loves it too. He can clearly see where everything is and when he needs something I can reach it down for him. We tidy away before bedtime. Usually we race each other, or compete to throw things into a target box. I hope that he learns to keep things tidy as he grows up.

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