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Emily Beale Photography - Family Monthly Meal PlannerFirstly, I’d like to say thank you, thank you for visiting and reading the blog and especially for visiting this disclosure page.

I started blogging seven years ago with the purpose of documenting my family life. My extended family was spread throughout the country and the world and I wanted a way to reach out and connect with them by sharing the things I was recording.

As my photography skills grew I turned the passion I had developed into a business and the blog became a way of showcasing my work. Now I’ve grown to realise that my website, blog and social media work have taken on a life of their own and become a business in their own right.

Documenting, showcasing, sharing and inspiring, that’s what this website is all about. Because the website and blog have become so much more, it is important that I follow certain guidelines and legal requirements, especially when it comes to advertising, and so the need for a full and frank disclosure.

For my readers…

The words, pictures and especially thoughts and opinions you see here on the blog are my own. I will occasionally share a photograph showcasing the work of another photographer, blogger or artist, but this will always be disclosed and a link to the source of the work given. This is only ever done for the purpose of drawing attention to how much I love and want to share their work.

Whenever I share anything it is because I am genuinely excited about it. Occasionally I may be paid for sharing something on the blog, payment means that I may be given a product to review, or a monetary payment for my time and skill in photographing, writing and sharing. I will always disclose this payment within my blog post and a link to this disclosure statement.

I share links to websites, blogs, products and services all the time. I do this because I love to share great things I’ve found on the internet. I am not paid to share these links. However I do occasionally work directly with Amazon as an affiliate for products and services. This means that if you, as a reader, use the links I post and then continue on to buy those products or use those services, I receive a small payment for advertising. I am happy to do this as this generates an income for the blog and means I am able to share and do more. I will always disclose if links are affiliate links or not.

We (my family and I) have recently be selected to work with the outdoor toy company ‘Activity Toys Direct’ and over the next year we will be sharing, reviewing and hosting our own competitions. We are excited to be working with such a great brand. Again I will let you know if we have received a payment of any kind for anything I share.

For those wishing to work with me…

Please get I contact if you’d like to work with a great blogger and photographer.

I have a growing readership with many dedicated followers. As it stands I get over a thousand readers a week and close to 5000 a month. I have hundreds of followers on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + pages and get regular readers via those referrers. I also have a growing number of subscribers – currently close to 100.

I am very specific about the brands I work with and only chose those products, services and companies I feel enhance my own brand and both myself, my family and my readers would be genuinely interested in. Please get in contact if you feel we might be able to work together, but please don’t be disappointed if I say ‘no thank you’.

Please do not send information to share about products, services and competitions without thought for compensating me for my time or which do not comply with the above, I wouldn’t expect that of you. And especially, do not ask me to falsely present myself as a consumer and give an opinion on a product that you have in fact written in exchange for money, that’s just wrong and illegal under consumer law.

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