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I have spent the last year surrounded by books. It’s been a wonderful year and I have loved every minute of it.

The highlights have been spending time with the wonderful children at my school inspiring them to develop a love of reading. I have also been fortunate to spend time with some truly wonderful authors some of which have written some of the fantastic books I have had the joy of sharing with the children at school.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Claire Barker the author of the Knitbone Pepper books when she visited our school. Oh boy was she lovely! It was like speaking with an old friend. We talked books and writing and art and so many other things.

Claire was especially wonderful and answered some questions for me, with the proviso that I posted them here on my website.

Is it nice be known as the author of the ‘Knitbone Pepper Series’?
Oh yes! What a wonderful question. Writers dream that their stories will live on in other people’s imaginations. I’m like a proud parent, I want Knitbone to make lots of friends! I love it when children say they couldn’t put it the book down. That’s the biggest compliment. View full post »

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  • Katy Farrant - You did such a great job interviewing this lady author, I loved all the questions you asked! I look forward to reading the books with the girls :)

  • Claire Barker - Thank you Emily. I really enjoyed doing this interview and have such great memories of the day x

  • Emily Beale Photography - You are so welcome Claire. Wasn’t it a fun afternoon together?! I loved every minute of it. I was just thinking of you today as I added a new section to the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award Website about author visits. Nathaniel has LOVED reading your book – by himself I might add, I didn’t think he would be able to, but he has. He sleeps with it under his pillow and we are still working through it together, but he can’t help himself and he finished it solo. We have loved your fabulous plot and gorgeous characters – thank you for such a fabulous book!

Oh lovely bloggity blog, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

I am having to remind myself how it all works this morning.

Neglecting both you and my camera over the last few months has certainly helped me to regain a sense of balance.

But I am left wondering – where are the pictures? Where are the stories?

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  • Donna - I miss your posts but I understand when people have to take a step back and have some balance and it makes me love it even more when you have a catch up. He seems to have grown up so much in the last few months x

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Donna! Hasn’t he just?!

  • Katy Farrant - I love the picture of Nathaniel in the leaves! That turned out really well. I would love to see the rest!

Emily Beale Photography | Emily

This week’s Living Arrows photographs feature our recent long weekend holiday away to Dorset.

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  • Jenna - Stunning photos from your holiday. Dorset is one of my favourite places in the UK, I wish I could visit there more often. :)


  • Emma Shilton - Such stunning photography Emily, i’m in awe of your skills. Looks like you had a wonderful week in Dorset, I remember visiting Brownsea Island with my Grandparents many moons ago, happy memories xx #LivingArrows

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Emma. We have the most amazing weekend thanks x

  • Emily Beale Photography - It really is lovely – and so varied. Jason and I commented so many times about the wildness of Dorset and how beautiful it was.

  • Mammasaurus - What a great selection of photos Email – and nice that the weather stayed good for you. We’ve haven’t been to Brownsea Island since Kitty was a baby – must go again soon.
    I love the look on his face running on the beach!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Lovely Annie! The weather was indeed gorgeous. I highly recommend Brownsea – one day almost isn’t enough!

  • Sian - What great photos! Love the family shot. Looks like a lovely holiday – Brownsea Island is on my list of places to visit!

  • Ali - What stunning photographs! We have family down there but haven’t visited for a while – we used to go every year when we were children. I’ll have to put it back on my to visit list!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Ali. Yes, put it back on the list! We had such a lovely weekend!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Sian. It’s good to get in front of the lens sometimes. I’m always glad when I do. Oh Brownsea – simply stunning! We loved every minute!

  • Lauren - Oh Emily it looks like you had such a lovely time. The family portraits are wonderful. You look like such a lovely family xx

  • Maria (One Tiny Leap) - Fab photos of your holiday Emily. It sounds like you had a fantastic time, and I love your family portrait! x

Emily Beale Photography | Emily

I know, I know. I’m much too organised. I’ve done all the ‘back to school shopping’ with the boys.

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  • Carie - eek that is organised! I haven’t got any of Kitty’s uniform yet, she’s growing like a weed and I’m afraid anything I but now will be too short by September!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Haha, I’m running that risk myself!

  • Donna - LP starts reception in September and I’ve sorted the uniform and everything already too! I love being organised. Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  • Nikki THomas - Oh no I am right there with you. Apart from shoes which I think we will do in a couple of weeks, everything else is done, it is a nightmare to do it all last minute.

Emily Beale Photography | Emily

I am not good at all with plants.

I have killed just about every plant I have ever owned.

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  • Carie - oh how lovely! I’ve usually killed everything I’ve planted but this year for the first time my veggies are growing and it’s so much fun!

  • gemma stevens - Gorgeous photos as always. I love your new plant but i’m like you, i kill every plant I buy. :)

  • Jenny - His smiles are always infectious and beautiful. Love these photos this week. So vibrant and flowers are a great touch. #livingarrows

  • Sian - Beautiful photos – I love the one of him peeking out from the lavender. Lavender & hydrangeas are pretty hardy so fingers crossed they will survive OK! Beautiful flowers too and last for ages when cut too.

  • Donna - It’s so lovely that you asked for plants for your birthday – gifts that will keep giving year after year – I hope! Happy belated Birthday lovely x

  • Clare @ Maybush Studio - Oooh that is SUCH a good idea of what to ask for for your birthday (mine is next month!) we also are rather short on plants. I seem to kill the new ones and Jim seems to willingly kill the old ones (with round up!)

  • Emily Beale Photography - Haha Clare I’m so glad I’m not alone!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Donna, I know, right?! Lets hope they take well, even after a day of rain yesterday some are wilting! Eek!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Sian, I was hoping they would be hardy – I need them to be! And I’m looking forward to enjoying them in the home too!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Jenny. I’m pleased with these ones too. I find keeping the images simply always makes them better. Would you believe this was round two? I ditched the first lot.

  • Emily Beale Photography - Haha Gemma, partners in crime!

  • Emily Beale Photography - Home grown veggies are the best! Well done you Carie!

  • Maria (One Tiny Leap) - Oh Emily, I’m just like you! The only plant I didn’t kill was a Bonsai tree, but only because I was so worried about it that I looked after it a little obsessively 😉

    I love your idea of asking for plants for your birthday, it’s a good incentive too to keep the little beauties alive!

    Fantastic photos as always, your boy is so expressive in his photos, it’s always a joy to see. x

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thank you Maria, so sweet kind words. I adore your pictures it week – often take my breath away! And yes, lets hope that I keep them alive – I have one wilting as we speak, can’t understand it. I must be cursed!

  • Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog - Love these Em, and lovely catching up on your fab blog xx

  • Emily Beale Photography - Thanks Nat! Oh how I wish I had more time to blog!

  • Hayley - I always thought you would be a green fingered type! I love the colour scheme you chose and I bet your garden smells gorgeous right now. I’m a big fan of pots myself – easy to throw when I forget to water them! x